Mail mystery: US Postal Service Still Trying To Deliver Letter Sent In 1945

In 1945, a letter was addressed to a western Michigan couple and mailed from a sergeant at an Army base in New York State.

It apparently never reached "Mr. and Mrs. Sensabaugh" on Washington Avenue in Muskegon and — nearly 70 years later — postal officials are hoping to find relatives to deliver the letter to, The Muskegon Chronicle reported (

Sgt. Myron C. Cook's name was listed as the sender. Somehow the letter made its way Minnesota, where it was placed back in the mail, Rowe said.

A 2013 postmark from Minneapolis was stamped over the original 1945 postmark. "We think somebody put it back into the mail stream," he said.

A mail carrier, who also served in the Persian Gulf War, later saw the letter and its old postmark and saved it from the ordinary "dead mail" pile, Rowe added.

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