Elder Scrolls Online: Account Bug

The official response for the massive amount of downtime:

The possible reason from Reddit:

"Can't even make this up.
The system message went out about them disabling in-game mail, my client crashed, and when I logged back in I was in SOMEONE ELSES account. I was completely in their account and on their character.
My username was @Shankerz, I could talk to other players, trade his inventory, everything. I was kicked out when he logged back in shortly after.
Upon logging in again, I was back on my character and account, but I had the other player's inventory still.
This is a pretty insane "bug" and needs to be looked at ASAP!
Edit: Only screenshot I took on the other person's account
Edit 2: Just to clarify, I have absolutely no idea who the dude is whose account it logged me in to. He isn't in my guild, isn't on my friends list, anything - in fact, he was much higher level than me and on a completely different faction"

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